Tiffany Kwan Yuen Hung

ageLOC is a technology of anti-aging in our genetic level, which is very powerful to unlock the mysteries of looking young and healthy!  Our leaders are very experienced to nurture different people in the past 20 years! It can be proved that everyone can achieve their own dream through NU SKIN!


Ideal Referral

Lack of capital & want to run the business in achieving the dream, 2) Wedding Planner, 3) MDRT Financial Planner, 4) Makeup artist, Pharmacist, 5) Fitness Centre, 6) New born mum mum club, 7) Image Consultant, 8) Confinement Centre

Top Product

ageLOC anti-aging family , 1)Spa machine, 2)body spa machine, 3) R2 anti-aging supplement, 4) TR90 weight management, 5) TRU FACE essence ultra 6) ageLOC Essential Oil 7) Youth Span 8) ageLOC ME

Top Problem Solved

Follow up the clients within 3 days, Reply the queries in 3 hours

My Favorite BNI Story
Held the pre-x’mas event with our Life-Style Event team, which is over 20 members, and crossover with Passion Chapter, which has over 100 guests finally. 2) Held the Power Camp with 24 members in unity to build more TRUST in expanding the business growth.

My Ideal Referral Partner
1) Lack of capital & want to run the business in achieving the dream, 2) MDRT Financial Planner, 3) Pharmacist, 4) New born mum mum club, 5) Image Consultant, 6) Confinement Centre